About us


Career Services Division

Our goal is to establish a comprehensive career mentoring system that focuses on students’ learning portfolios. These portfolios serve as guidelines for students to prepare for their future and careers. Through detailed analysis of their portfolios, students are able to adjust their academic and social paths, and improve their professional skills and competitiveness. We also provide advising services for career counselors and consultants to develop their skills in mentoring students. Career orientation and guidance programs are also available for students to acquire the necessary knowledge and experience to prepare them for living and working in an ever-changing economy, society, and environment. These services are vital to students during their studies on campus, and function as the platform from which students can gain a deeper understanding of their future careers.


We also follow up on all alumni of the University to gain a better understanding of their careers. By conducting employer/employee satisfaction surveys, we are able to strengthen our relationship with members of the business community, and share resources to expand career opportunities. The annual Distinguished Alumni Award is given to those that have achieved outstanding accomplishments in their field of expertise.

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